Anti Viral Cleaning Services

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Disinfectant Cleaning

What is Disinfectant Cleaning?

Our cleaners will perform the same services and follow the same check-lists however they will only use products that disinfect surfaces and effectively kill all germs/bacteria/viruses throughout the areas of the home that you select to have cleaned.

Facilities Management Services

How Does It Work

For the most thorough service, we recommend the Flat Rate Service with the Spring Clean and Use Disinfectant Products extras.

To book a disinfectant service, please add the “Use Disinfectant Products” extra after selecting your service.

Normal Flat Rate vs Flat Rate with Disinfectant Products.

Wondering what are the main differences between our two services? Let us explain, it’s quite simple.

Normal Flat Rate – Our cleaners will use standard products to clean your home. Please note that extensive research has shown that one of the most effective products in removing the coronavirus (COVID-19) is in fact, common household soap. This is due to the COVID-19 virus’s outer wall being made up of a fatty layer that is broken down by soap. We are confident that our standard soap-based products/supplies will be effective at breaking down and removing COVID-19 from your home. Normal services do include disinfecting of some areas of the home (wet areas including toilets and bathrooms).

Flat Rate - With these services we will upgrade to disinfectant products and use them in every room so that they kill ALL germs throughout the areas cleaned. While the normal flat rates will be effective at removing most contaminants (including COVID-19) the disinfectant services will go to the next level and effectively kill all germs as well as removing them from your premises.

So basically – our standard cleaning will be effective at removing dust/dirt/germs from your premises and the disinfectant cleaning go that extra level of actually killing everything as well as removing them


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