Facility Managers

Trained staff for all your official work starting from Cleaners To Facility Manager.


We work in close collaboration with all our clients to understand precisely what is needed to be delivered. We then create a professional, transparent cleaning solution, tailored around specific needs and requirements.

The need for clean, tidy, and inviting environment is key to a healthy and happy workplace. We provide daily cleaning services, as well as industry-specific solutions.

Cleaning Services includes floors, windows, and everything in between. A clean facility is always welcoming for your customers, and encourages repeat business. In addition, a clean and sanitary operation ensures a healthy environment with no spreading of diseases. Motivation and Inspiration of your staff is also improved in a clean environment.

Security Guards

We are committed to protect and safeguard all the assets of an organisation, be it people, physical assets or information. We have specialised teams for providing an array of services.
We have courteous and professional security personnel who are trained to meet the specific requirements of clients. Our background checked, uniformed security officers can protect against/ deter crimes on sites and be the first responder during any emergencies, allowing for remote management of critical incidents and emergency response. In addition, our security personnel are trained to respond quickly during fire emergencies.

Office Boy

We build relationships with our talent and explore how their strengths match your needs. The result is the right person to make an impact on your business.

Depending on the size of your department :

  • Deal with post and emails
  • Make sure that there is enough stationery
  • Answer the telephone and pass on calls and messages
  • Do reception duties such as greeting and looking after visitors
  • Type and set up documents such as letters and reports
  • Keep computer records up to date
  • Organise records and files
  • Use office equipment such as printers and photocopiers
  • Arrange meetings and events
  • Make travel arrangements for staff

Front Desk Assistant

Front desk assistants, also known as receptionists, are usually the first point of contact for anyone calling or visiting a business. They're typically responsible for answering the phone, directing calls and greeting guests and may perform some administrative work, such as maintaining files.

Typical job duties include:

  • Answering the phone
  • Appointment setting
  • Greeting visitors
  • Accepting deliveries
  • Administrative tasks help

It is a responsible job, and individuals have these following duties. Duties of a Front office Associate He/she will build good rapport with the customers and greet the customers when they enter the office overall building a strong relationship with the customers. 

Warehouse Picker

A Picker selects merchandise from shelves and prepares items for shipping. Pickers are found in warehouses, distribution centers and production facilities. Also known as Picker Packer, Order Picker or Warehouse Picker. Energetic Picker to assist you in preparing orders for shipping. The Picker will utilize requisitions and order sheets to pick a wide variety of items, place and arrange items in containers and bins following specific instructions, and arrange containers on pallets.
The Picker will check containers for damage, and confirm correct items and quantities are selected. Perform duties in accordance with standard operating instructions, and ensure inbound and outbound shipments are correct and defect-free. Pickers will operate a forklift, maintain equipment and perform basic maintenance, conduct physical inventories and report quality variances.
Ensure success in this position to perform to a high level of accuracy.


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